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Welcome to Synaptic Bytes Sticky

Synaptic Bytes aims to bring you the best cross-platform mobile and desktop applications, and tools for app developers. Whether it's business or pleasure, we are creating a portfolio of applications to suit your needs.

Synaptic Bytes is currently specialising in the Shiva3D platform, developing plugins and assets for app developers, and also building bespoke cross-platform apps and games using this fantastic software.

sbPhysics 1.2 released


Hey Everyone,   I'm happy to say the sbPhysics 1.2 has now been released.

The big ticket feature is Soft Body support, and I've also extended platform support to include Linux as well. You can see the  Bouncing Ball Demo and the Falling Table Cloth Demo  on my Youtube channel to get an idea of how it looks.

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Back in the saddle


Just a quick note to say that, after several months of hair pulling working on Bullet Sofbtody code behind the scenes, plus a few other projects, then several more months for personal reasons, I'm back to working on tools and apps as much as I can. I plan to have updates for the Shiva Bullet plugin out soon, a Shiva Spriter plugin, the great Sprite animation package, and lots of other goodies. I'm also eagerly awaiting the release of Shiva 2.0, and can't wait to start working on some fancy new Shiva UI goodness.

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sbPhysics available at the ShiVa3d Store


Well I'm a bit slow in posting here, but my sbPhysics plugin has been released and is available in the ShiVa3D store. You can find it at http://shivaengine.com/store in the Plugins sections. I'll update this entry when the store is back up and I have the proper url.

I've also started working on implementing Soft Bodies, and have some example videos on my Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/SynapticBytes.

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sbPhysics approaching initial release


Well I've managed to get quite a bit done over the school holidays, and have a version which is close to functionally complete for initial release. It requires quite a bit more testing, and refining internally, plus some additional helper setup for the Stonescript code, but otherwise it's good to go. Note even though it is as I would like to see it for Version 1.0, there is still lots of improvements I will be implementing after initial release, plus some enhancements that will be available for "Pro" users only, but that' still a work-in-progress.

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sbPhysics, on the move again


Wow, it's hard to believe it's been 1 year and 9 months since I last posted an update to sbPhysics, my enhance Physics plugin for ShiVa3D.

Real life threw me a curve ball, and I've had a major restructuring in my personal and family life, and I now have more time to put into software development. So, given there has been no change the status of the Shiva3D physics engine during my hiatus, I'm back into getting it up and work, and hopefully out on the Shiva Asset store, ASAP!

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sbPhysics 0.1.4 in a spin


Well after a weeks Hiatus while I blenderised myself, I'm releasing version 0.1.4 of the Plugin for demo purposes. Progress has been a  slower than expected due to some of the complications I'm now coming up against as I drill further down into the Bullet API. Documentation is very sparse I'm afraid, despite the many demo's, and the official bullet bullet forum is rather slow on answers, so there's a lot of trial & error involved. What I've managed to achieve from my todo list from last time is :-

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sbPhysics - the Shiva Bullet plugin - Now with more Meat!


Well, my work continues on writing a Bullet Physics plugin for Shiva.

I've decided I'll start creating blog entries for the updates, instead of a static page as I have done in the past to track my progress. I must say, there sure is a lot of head scratching as I try to remember my High School maths - calcular, vectors and matrices, mechanics and forces, and then throw in complex maths and quaternions, and it sure makes the head spin.

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