Back in the saddle

Just a quick note to say that, after several months of hair pulling working on Bullet Sofbtody code behind the scenes, plus a few other projects, then several more months for personal reasons, I'm back to working on tools and apps as much as I can. I plan to have updates for the Shiva Bullet plugin out soon, a Shiva Spriter plugin, the great Sprite animation package, and lots of other goodies. I'm also eagerly awaiting the release of Shiva 2.0, and can't wait to start working on some fancy new Shiva UI goodness. Amongst all that, I also have a  game I'm working on behind the scenes that I plan to get out on all the popular platforms.

Something I also neglected to post a blog entry on, but back in Augst last year, I added a shopping site where you can go and buy my current assets at http://store.synapticbytes.com, which also included the first release of the Partifex particle libraries for Shiva3D. So hop on over and have a look.

All up, 2014 looks like it's going to be a busy and productive year. Stay tuned.