sbPhysics approaching initial release

Well I've managed to get quite a bit done over the school holidays, and have a version which is close to functionally complete for initial release. It requires quite a bit more testing, and refining internally, plus some additional helper setup for the Stonescript code, but otherwise it's good to go. Note even though it is as I would like to see it for Version 1.0, there is still lots of improvements I will be implementing after initial release, plus some enhancements that will be available for "Pro" users only, but that' still a work-in-progress. I've changed the way the demo works in this version, from a date timeout to a game running timeout of 90 seconds. This means you can develop with it as long as you like, you just can't release with it as the game will stop with an error after the timeout, plus I have some nag screens. Happy to take feedback on whether this works for people or not. Also, I've started doing change logs, which I'll post up, along with an API list, so people can get a better idea of what's changing between versions. Hope you all find this version useful. You can get the archive and all future versions at the one link, at http://synapticbytes.com/sbPhysicsDemo . Release notes for this version are available hereĀ http://synapticbytes.com/sites/default/files/sbPhysicsReleaseNotes0.4.0.... Enjoy.