sbPhysics, on the move again

Wow, it's hard to believe it's been 1 year and 9 months since I last posted an update to sbPhysics, my enhance Physics plugin for ShiVa3D.

Real life threw me a curve ball, and I've had a major restructuring in my personal and family life, and I now have more time to put into software development. So, given there has been no change the status of the Shiva3D physics engine during my hiatus, I'm back into getting it up and work, and hopefully out on the Shiva Asset store, ASAP!

There's still heaps of work to do to get it fully functional, but the version I'm releasing today, which only have a few extra intrinsic functions than when I last posted, has been given a major overhaul in usability. Instead of doing the complete setup through code (which is still however possible), I have added a few helper AI models to be included in any project using sbPhysics, which will make setting up and using the basic engine incredibly easy. There are two primary helper AI's - sbPhysicsWorld and sbPhysicsBody.

sbPhysicsWorld should be added as the FIRST User AI in your scene. It is important that it is run before your Main AI to get the physics world initialised before referencing any physics commands.

sbPhysicsBody should be added to any model in the scene that you wish to become a physics body. Once you have added sbPhysicsBody to your model, change the AIVariable bodyType to a valid physics body type such a Box, Cylinder, Cone, ConvexHull etc, and that's it!

You can now run your game and those objects with an sbPhysicsBody and bodyType setup will act as physics bodies with default values. From there, you can play with the sbPhysicsBody AIariables to change the physics properties of your body. Once you've gotten that far, there is a world of possibilites opened from there, too many for me to go into here (especially since I have yet to complete the manual .

So here (once I finish updating the blog entry) is version 0.2.4 to try out. Checkout the link below for the API listing and the file. The demo will expire at the end of February, 2013, but I expect I will have many newer versions available before then. Feedback on bugs or possible improvements would be greatly appreciated.